Another successful surgery

As you know,  Aleksandre Aladashvili Clinic is one of the stroke centers in Georgia, where another successful neurosurgical (endovascular) operation was recently performed, which we would like to tell you about.

A 73-year-old patient was hospitalized by an ambulance team one and a half hours after the onset of a stroke. Upon admission to the clinic, the patient's speech was unintelligible, making it impossible to establish contact with him. Additionally, there was a complete loss of functionality in the right arm and leg.

Our neurosurgical department immediately took measures for examination and diagnosis, such as computer tomography in angiographic mode. As a result, occlusion (thrombosis) of the left middle cerebral artery was diagnosed, after which an urgent thrombectomy operation was performed, restoring blood supply to the brain completely.

The successful outcome of this operation is attributed to the professionalism of the doctors and the prompt intervention. This procedure is minimally invasive, with special catheters inserted through the femoral artery reaching the thrombosed blood vessel in the brain and removing the clot in a reverse manner without extensive surgical intervention.

After the operation, the patient's condition significantly improved, and he was discharged home without neurological deficits.

This article aims to raise public awareness about stroke and its symptoms. In a similar case, it is essential to immediately call the emergency hotline 112 and transport the patient to a specialized clinic.

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